Clothing and Room are created by and for human beings and can be perceived as shells around us in different scales.

This project is an investigation of the space - In Between. The space in between is not something we give a lot of attention but it is interesting because it is a big part in the creation of shape.

The starting point for the project was a curiosity about the relation between clothing and room. In the project’s development it was discord that it was an interest in the gab between the two.Therefore the creation of five silhouettes and a short film showing the space in-between in the five states: 

State 1:          Disappearance

State 2:          Retention

State 3:          Capture 

State 4:          Modulation

State 5:          Release 


The project is about making something unseen seen, to get people to be curious and discover the excitement of something that we perceive as normal.

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